Kero decal made of bright yellow vinyl. He is in his small teddybear form, sitting with his wings outstretched and his left hand waving hello. His mouth is open and you can see his tail.

CCS Cardcaptor Sakura fanart Kero vinyl car decal computer sticker

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"Oooooooh, I, Keroberos, look awesome as a vinyl decal! Even though I'm in this cute, fluffy form that is totally inaffective, I'm still amazing!" Kero's vanity will get the best of him one of these days, but until then, you can sport this exclusive design on whatever you like.

Industrial grade automotive vinyl is durable and long lasting on your car, computer, tablet, or any other smooth surface. Regularly stocked in yellow, but available in any color you like- just make a note when you order.

Measures approximately 3.25" tall by 4" wide.

All orders ship via USPS.