A pint glass etched with Mokona. Mokona has its eyes closed and a big open-mouth smile. His hands are raised.

CLAMP fanart Mokona etched pint glass tumbler cup xxxholic, tsubasa reservoir, rayearth

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Join Mokona for a drink! This 16 ounce tumbler will see you through the most intense after school job or world-traveling adventure. Does not include extra-noodley CLAMP arms or legs. An exclusive design that you won't find anywhere else!

All of our glasses are high quality barware. Each glass is heat treated with a tempered rim and a weighted base to help prevent breakage during standard use. Acid etching is permanent and dishwasher safe- the designs will never scratch, chip, or fade! The glass in the picture has been powdered to reduce camera glare.

This listing is for one pint glass. All orders ship via USPS.